Greeters - Greeters greet visitors as they enter the room.

Bouncers - Bouncers boot any rule breaking visitors out of the room.

Entertainment - Entertainment keeps the visitors occupied by chatting, or with games.

DJs -  Djs play music live, and take visitors song requests if they have any.

Promotions - Promotions department promotes our chat and site pretty much everywhere. Facebook, twitter, myspace, youtube, etc. They promote our chat on xat so we can have a consistant amount of visitors in chat.

Volunteers - Volunteers may come and go when they like, they help out with a bit of everything. To stay a volunteer with us you must be here at least 2 times a week and active in chat for a couple hours.

Graphics - Graphics department do backgrounds and such, like chat backgrounds, pcbacks, and dj backgrounds for facebook promotions .


Artist Of The Week - We will vote upon a certain artist, and the DJ will play a full show consisting of that artist. The DJ will only play requests of that artist!

Auction Nights - You must have a registered xat account to join in on the fun. Fun and simple, just signup, and bid xats on a person to try and win them. After you win a person, you get to pick a status for them, the person you got has to add the status you chose to either their status or name. The person has to wear it for at least 2 days. If you signed up you will eventually get auctioned off too, just have patience. Note you dont have to sign up to bid on others, but if you do sign up you have to bid and try to win someone. Any issues report it to an owner.

Game Nights - During game nights we promote chat on xat to get visitors in the room and we play games on the bot. We will try to keep this as much fun as possible.

Truth Or Dare - Come in Friday nights and play truth or dare like you would anywhere else. Only rules are nothing to extreme, and no harassment.

Trivia - Come in and enjoy our trivia night, Questions will vary among many different things. Winners may receive a small prize.