~Caps are Only to be used by THUNDERSTORM RADIO STAFF. Anyone using caps that are not staff will be kicked or gagged. Little stuff like LOL or OMG are ok, just not full sentences.

     ~No asking or begging for xats, days, or powers. This could result in you being kicked. You may ask someone to trade with you in PRIVATE CHAT but THUNDERSTORM RADIO or THUNDERSTORM RADIO STAFF are not responsible for anything that goes wrong during your trade.

     ~No links or advertising allowed or get kicked. This includes in your name and status. Screen shots are allowed but if it contains nudity, racism, or anything disrespectful, you will be banned. Only Xat official chats may be advertised in your name or status.

     ~No asking to be MOD, OWNER, OR MAIN. Doing so will get you kicked or gagged. This includes PRIVATE CHAT or PRIVATE MESSAGE. If you want a rank in THUNDERSTORM RADIO, you must put an application in to become staff.

     ~Do not disrespect THUNDERSTORM RADIOS STAFF or our GUESTS. If we see you being disrespectful or inappropriate you will be kicked or gagged. (This includes PRIVATE CHAT & PRIVATE MESSAGE) We will not tolerate any bashing of our staff. This is NOT a dating site. DO NOT ask for dates or harass anyone regarding this, doing so could result in you being kicked then banned if you persist. This includes being overly flirty or making sexual statements or comments.

     ~Cursing is allowed to an extent. You may not use the C Bomb, N Bomb, or any other racial slurs. They will not be tolerated and you will kicked then banned if you continue.

     ~Do not cause, bring, or start drama in THUNDERSTORM RADIO MAIN CHAT. If you are asked to stop and you persist you will be kicked or gagged. DO NOT divorce in chat!